Mediation and Collaborative Law Training

November 2020, Parentage Proceedings under the Child Parent Security Act

June 2020, Gray Divorce: Effects of Divorce on Adult Children of Divorce

June 2020, Top Questions All Mediators Need to Ask Couples About Finances

November 2019, Matlaw Annual Update of Matrimonial Law

September 2019, Changing the Game: Strategic Decision Making in Mediation

December 2018, Diffusing High Conflict Disputes with Advanced Techniques

November 2018, Matlaw Annual Update of Matrimonial Law

June 2018, How The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Affects Divorce Settlements

September 2016, Child Inclusive Mediation and Counseling

June 2016, Tax Aspects of Marital Dissolution

June 2016, Dignity: The Essential Role It Plays in Resolving Conflict

May 2016, Divorce Economics Institute: A Practical Review Analysis, How to Analyze a Financial Valuation Report

May 2016, Understanding State & Federal Retirement Plans

December 2015, People Intelligence: Evaluating Trust and Credibility

November 2015, Matlaw Annual Update of Matrimonial Law

November 2015, Creating Order from Disorder: Working with Parents Who Suffer from Personality Disorders, etc.

September 2015, The New Maintenance Guidelines

September 2015, Maintenance Guidelines are here and O’Brien is transformed: Where do we go from here?

March 2015, Handling Options, Restricted Stock and Other Deferred Compensation in Divorce.

December 2014, Hybrid Marriages - A Radical Version of Marriage and Where Mediation Fits In

December 2014, The Intricacies of Long-Distance Relocation Cases

December 2014, Mediating the SUNY Cap, Room and Board Credits, Financial Aid & Student Loans

October 2014, The Collaborative Process and the Challenges of Expectations, Trust and Fairness

October 2014, Harry and Sally's Grey Divorce: Where Personal Freedom and Retirement Meet

October 2014, Moving Divorce Out of the Court System - The Minnesota Project"

October 2013, Distressed Real Estate

October 2013, Hidden Agendas and Underlying Themes in Mediation Conflict

October 2013, Structuring High Conflict Mediation

October 2013, Mediation Mastery: Using an Integrated, Reflective Approach to Practice

October 2013, Risk and Resilience in Children of Separation and Divorce: Research Updates

September 2013, From Scared to Prepared: Streamlining Collaborative Divorce

September 2013, Tracking the Path to Marriage Equality: Representing LGBT Clients in a Post-DOMA World

June 2013, Tax Considerations For Divorced and Divorcing People

May 2013, Interdisciplinary Team Ethics Program: An Analysis of Ethical Conflicts Among Professionals in the Collaborative Process

May 2013, Understanding Retirement Plans and How to Draft the Agreement

February 2012, The Value of the Collaborative Process for LGBTQ Families and Relationships (co-developed program)

September 2012, Having Tea with the Jabberwocky: How to Prepare Clients for the Negotiating Table

February 2012, Hedge Funds and High Net Worth

February 2011, June 2011, Advanced Training Series: Collaborative Practice

June 2011, Retirement Accounts and Social Security Benefits

June 2011, Self-Reflection in Action for Conflict Professionals

April 28, 2010, Families with Special Needs Children in Collaborative Divorce, sponsored by the NYACP

April 9, 2010, Advanced Training for Lawyers on Collaborative Ethics, sponsored by the NYACP

2006 through 2008, Advanced Trainings through the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, approximately 15-20 hours per year, including but not limited to:

  • October 2009, Non-Violent Communication, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, 5 hours

  • October 2009, Children of Divorce: Risk and Resiliency, High Conflict and Parenting Plans, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, 5 hours

  • October 2009, The Inner Life of the Collaborative Professional: What's That Got to Do with Being Effective?, 7.5 hours

  • October 2009, Advanced Negotiation Strategies, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, 1.5 hours

  • October 2009, The Elephant in the Room: A Workshop on Domestic Violence and Power Imbalances, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, 3 hours

  • October 2009, The Invisible Children: Bringing the Voices of Adult Children into the Collaborative Process, sponsored by the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals

  • December 2009, Taking the War Out of Our Words, Sharon Ellison, sponsored by the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals, 5 hours

  • Multiple Trainings through CLUSTER, Yonkers, New York in the following specialized areas: parent-teen; victim-offender (restorative justice); lesbian-gay-bi-sexual and transgender advocacy

  • Special Education Advocacy, sponsored by the University of Connecticut and the A.J. Pappanikou Center for Developmental Disabilities

2008, Inter-Disciplinary Training, New York Association of Collaborative Professionals

2005 - 2006, Advanced Negotiation Skills Program, Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative Program on Negotiation, Cambridge, MA, attended two 5-day intensive programs, approximately 80 hours

2005 to present, Advanced Training Series: Defining Our Roles Together as Collaborative Colleagues, Center for Mediation in Law, approximately 24 hours per year during 5 years

2004, Basic Mediation Training, Center for Mediation in Law, New York, New York, 36 hours

2004, Basic Collaborative Law Training, New York Association of Collaborative Professionals, New York, New York, 2 day intensive program

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