Rye Brook, New York

Deborah Hope Wayne is a divorce attorney serving Rye Brook, a unique village within Westchester County, New York. Rye Brook is a relatively young community, formed only thirty years ago. The village’s uniqueness lies deeper than its young age, in that it does not carry the typical features of Westchester County communities. While other areas of the county have bustling downtown districts and busy business areas, Rye Brook is without these characteristics, and is even without its own train station.

Many of the villages and towns in Westchester County have a quaint and historic appeal, but Rye Brook has attracted its residents in a different way. There have been an increasing number of people moving from Manhattan and other cities to return to a suburban “home” in Rye Brook. Many residents of the villages are older families and couples who maintain professional and even high-profile jobs in the city, but have solid roots in low-profile, quiet areas like Rye Brook. The village itself boasts five local parks, one of which is Crawford Park, a 36-acre preserve which houses a historic mansion, which makes it a great place for families and those seeking the solitude and peacefulness of the suburbs while close enough to enjoy the city.

Deborah Hope Wayne is a family law attorney concentrating her practice in collaborative law and mediation. She helps parties reach agreements using principled negotiation methods and mediation techniques. Collaborative Practice is a dispute resolution process that helps parties resolve conflict by utilizing techniques that encourage settlement that is acceptable to all parties and discourages hostilities. Collaborative Practice focuses on the present and future health and stability of the entire family.

Deborah Hope Wayne practices collaborative law and mediation to help families resolve conflict by reaching mutually agreeable solutions. Collaborative Practice is focused on maintaining the health and stability of the family. It is a voluntary dispute resolution process where parties settle without resorting to litigation. Collaborative Practice was developed in the 1990’s and is recognized as an effective way to resolve disputes respectfully. During the collaborative process, mediation and negotiation techniques are employed to encourage settlement rather than raise hostilities. Each party is represented by an attorney, and each party may engage experts as needed to reach a resolution.

Deborah Hope Wayne advocates for clients who want to resolve conflict using techniques that encourage settlement rather than raise hostilities. Ms. Wayne resolves all types of conflict in family and matrimonial cases, and can assist with issues ranging from pre- and post-nuptial agreements to parental issues, such as visitation and general decision-making. Ms. Wayne dedicates her practice to resolving conflict using out-of-court settlement processes, and she works with traditional and non-traditional families. Ms. Wayne believes that the focus is on the future and on maintaining the health of the family.

Deborah Hope Wayne is committed to the non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution. A majority of Ms. Wayne’s professional time is spent on training and educating other professionals about Collaborative Practice and Mediation. Furthermore, Ms. Wayne has lectured on collaborative law and conflict resolution at St. John’s University and Fordham Law School. She also teaches collaborative law at Pace University School of Law in White Plains, New York.

With offices in New York City as well as Purchase, Ms. Wayne understands the contrast to busy city professional lives with a quiet suburban community. She has worked high-net worth individuals to create solutions that work for the family and the children, and she dedicates her practice to working towards an optimal outcome for the entire family unit. Ms. Wayne regularly writes on topics affecting professional couples and families in her blog, www.familymatters-blog.com.

Deborah Hope Wayne’s Purchase office is located about 2 miles from Rye Brook.

To find out more about Deborah Hope Wayne, please contact her via e-mail at deborah@deborahwaynelaw.com or by phone at (914) 365-1200. You may also learn more about Deborah Hope Wayne at www.deborahwaynelaw.com.

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